Friday, October 11, 2013

Don't go into the light..

I started putting together the plastic Wraithguard kit last night. I do like all the extra bits they give you, well not give you, you are definitely paying for them haha. But overall I'm liking all the stuffs, I'm going to use most of the Wraithblade bits too just because they look cooler. Why wouldn't you add in the leg guards and fancy jock straps, we all need protection down there!
The bases are going to match the display board decking like all the new Dar I've been completing. The Spackle is dry and now ready for primer. I'm going to airbrush the base colors of the WG so they will be attached later.

I already have some standard WG so these guys will get the D-Scythes.

I got them mostly built last night but I have to pick up some thick super glue, the thin is killing me joining the arms and guns together. I so hate that part! haha..

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