Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Spin me round...

Some more work on the Night Spinner, it's base and all the magnets that hold it together. This year and the last month particularly have been rough. I can't seem to stay healthy and it's not just colds it's been weird and some serious stuff. Awesome..   and every time I think I'm solid.. I have the time to get what I need done before NOVA (ONE MONTH AWAY NOW!!!)  I get jacked up again. I've been laid up for the last week but I could at least get a few things done which sitting on my butt with my foot propped up. I needed to get the bottom of the Night Spinner built and mag'd up. I want to prime it so I can do the blends on it and the turret at the same time. I'm in time save mode so the less paint swaps I need to do the better 8)
 So onto the bases..  I've been designing these skimmer bases and have been going  back and forth as to whether I like them painted or with straight clear bases with designs etched in. They both have merritts but honestly I really like the clean look of the plastics. I went with the spider design for the Night Spinner and I think it looks pretty slick. The base holds two magnets..

 If you haven't built the tank yet you can attach the magnets to the inside of the tank and no one will ever even know they are there. You do have to notch out the supports on the inside floor so do that before attaching the top section of the engines and interior. I glue the back shut so this area won't be seen again. I hate when the back doors flop open and I really don't think there is enough coolness inside to paint so . .. magnets..
 It doesn't need two magnets stacked, one works fine but sadly the back magnets slipped out of my hand hit some glue and then flipped on top of it's buddy. So that is where it stayed. MORE MAGNET!! never hurts.. So the inside of the tank got three magnets instead of the intended two.
 Once that's all done up it's start the gluing process. I don't attach the top shell until i'm completely done. Makes it easier to paint both the top and bottom and I don't have have to worry about over spray. I mask enough thank you..

I also attached the piece of metal and magnet to the front for the underslung gun. Right now the Spinner is Mag'd up and ready for the rest of the paint. Whoot.. 1 month to go and still a bunch to paint..  gumble.. Hopefully all works out and I'll get this stuff complete before September haha..  but I better not hold my breathe ..  I might rupture a lung... seriously..   I wouldn't be surprised in the least.

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