Friday, August 14, 2015

Feel my Sting..

 The Hornet Squad is complete.. finally. Feels like I've been painting these guys forever and finishing them off took longer then I expected since I kept messing with bits here and there haha... i'll just touch this up oh.. this too .. hmmm .. this too. I think they look decent though there are still a few things I'd like to do.
 I'll add the canopies on later but right now I wasn't worried about it. I needed to get these off the work bench haha

 I'll be cutting a few more of the circle bases. I made a couple and wanted to test the look so some are different. I have my preferred base and the next time I'm on the laser I'll cut them out.

 Sadly one of the guns (above) keeps bending out ..  ahh the joys of resin haha

One thing crossed off the list ... Less then three weeks to Nova now and it's coming down to the wire. hard to believe it's almost here already.

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