Monday, August 31, 2015

Spider Woes

So.. 3 more days to NOVA .. the final stretch and I'm back to feeling like I'm way behind. What's worse then getting nothing done? Painting for over an hour and feeling like you are even farther behind haha.. Last night my two main airbrushes started acting up and even with thinner and two baths in the ultrasonic cleaner they still aren't performing correctly. I know they are both in need of a full deep clean but I haven't had the time to even think about that ..  though that might have to happen tonight if I want to get anything done.  But .. on to some paint. I started out on the Warp Spider Exarch's Carapace which I think technically came out looking really good. Aesthetic wise not so much. The pictures distorted the colors a little so it's hard to see what I mean but right now the back makes him look like the Joker. A look I'm not liking .. I was going to paint it bone color and should have but in a spur of the moment decision I went with the green blend. I spend about an hour on the piece which sucks..  thankfully I have another carapace I can use.. I don't really have the time for a repaint but I don't think I can handle the brightness of it all.

But I did work on a bunch of things last night and got all of the Reapers, Warp Spiders and Fire Dragons moved over to their new bases which was a complete pain let me tell you. I was using super glue release, a fiile, clippers and some good ol elbow grease to remove them from their old bases. They had to remove any of the old basing from the models themselves .. then some touch ups.
I sprayed a little blue glow on some of the models if I thought they needed it. I noticed a few minor details that need to be done then I'll ring the bottom of the bases in black.

I'm tired..  real tired. I didn't want to go into NOVA feeling crushed but I don't know if that's a possibility at the moment. I only have a few more days/nights to get stuff wrapped up and it's making me crazy haha..

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