Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kicking the clouds

 I got the Jetbikes finished up. . there is still more I wanted to do but I think they are pretty good. I had to glue the posts in which I wasn't completely happy with but they were too loose to just sit there.
 These things are crazy top heavy and tip over VERY easy. This will suck in games but the thing that really got me nervous was moving the display board around. So I came up with a movement tray sort of thing. I cut two pieces of MDF and put a piece of sheet metal in the middle.. so a sheet metal sandwich.
 Then I added magnets to the bottom of all the bases, so now they are all magnetized to the movement tray and are quite sturdy. These bikes have a ton of spindly bit and I can see them falling over and pieces coming off. That is just going to happen.. If I would have realized they were this wobbly I would have picked up the space marine style bike bases..
 So..  moving along.
 I don't have much time to post so back to painting 8)

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