Tuesday, September 22, 2015

When was your last Tetanus shot?

 Since I've been working on the Ork Flyer and haven't really painted a fully rusted out model I figured I would perform a test. I picked up a bunch of old Russ's a long while ago.. for next to nothing. They were built a little odd (the right HB is actually glued sticking out like that haha) but whatever and that makes them perfect for the test. I did pick up some FW turrets to add some needed flavor to them when I made my armored company. I started working on a tank I had hand camo'd that looked rough and didn't match my airbrushed camo on my newer paint jobs.
 I started off by spraying the tank down with chainmail. I wanted to base coat to be metal since that at the heart of it is whats there.... at least that seemed to make the most sense to me ha..
 Then I started to blend over with CAM Mid Brown and Rust leaving some of the edges metal. The areas I figured would get a lot of wear and tear.
 I then rubbed the edges with a paper towel a little so as to give it the worn feel. But I wasn't really sure what the AK Interactive products were going to do haha.. it might just cover up all that work.
 I then started with the AK Dark Rust, that stuff really covers and at first I thought I was going way heavy but as it dried you could see some of the variation below. Plus the metallic chainmail shows through very nicely. Next I added some Light Rust and let it run into certain areas where I figured water would pool and sit or would at least hang out for an extended time. Again I rubbed certain areas to remove the excess and give it that worn look.

 Next I went in to certain area with the GW Specialist paints.. Whatever you call it corrosion, you know.. the blue green color stuff.. haha.. I only wanted a little here and there. I didn't want to go overboard.
I think it looks pretty decent for what it is. If this was going to be a rusted hulk with nothing else on it I'd add a lot more moderation to the colors from section to section but since it will have paint added and chipped off I think this will look good. I sprayed it with chipping fluid but sadly ran out of time to paint and chip. So maybe tonight I'll get into that..  depends on my time 8)

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