Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bust Er Up..

 Last night I played around with the Russ and some of the weathering. The tank might look a little odd as I tried different things on different areas haha.. so .. as you spin it around it takes on different looks. The right side of the tank is more of the abandoned look, sitting out in the weather for awhile forgotten. I started on some grim and rust streaking. I didn't go too crazy with it, I just wanted to see what it would look like..  the streaking will take time for sure. It's like applying a glaze and will take many coats to looks right.
 I also wanted to see how added a color after I already chipped the core color would affect it. You have to be real careful. The mask will pull the base color off easily so beware! 8)
 The front is just some rust.. less of pretty much everything. A little light mud on the left of the tank.
 The right I added some mud mostly .. it's harder to see here but I splattered it with two colors and it looks ok but it really is going to need a lot of color variation to make it look right. Again it's a test so I wasn't going to go that deep into it. I think I got what I needed from the mudding.. I'll need some much lighter colors to show the dried mud. So I'll be ordering some more I suppose.
 The back is mostly just heavier rust without a lot of other stuff. I did work some of the sides into it a little but not as heavy.
Weathering is a time consuming process to be sure. In general it's easier to fix your mistakes which is nice haha.. but it might take you a while to get back to where you wanted to be as you've just gone through a ton of layering. All in all I think it looks ok..  I went heavy on the rust in some areas and it should probably be dialed back. But while I was looking at pictures on the net I noticed the age and use really do factor a lot into it (no duh right? haha) .. I was just playing around but if I was going for the abandoned tank in a field the heavy is right. But if I'm going for old and in use not so much .. the vibrations and use would knock off all that rust build up..

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