Monday, September 21, 2015

There can never be too much Dakka..

 This weekend I worked on the Ork Flyer some more. The Valk Bits came in so I started chopping them up and going to town on the fuselage. I think it looks much better now with the added size and construction.
 I took the back of the Valk engine and cut off the cone, adding that to the Russ wheel. Achieving the right proportions and now matches up with the rest of the plane. But that was looking a bit too smooth so I chopped off another piece and added that to the bottom..  It added to the piece but then demanded I add on to the top as well. Next I added two stacks from an Ork Trukk to the top to make it looks like it's venting from there as well..
 Added two of the cable pieces (engine wiring I suppose) from the Valk and glued them to the side/bottom. Since this is going to be a display non gaming piece I covered the normal mount section over, the alternate front panel works perfectly and the added scoop looks pretty cool 8)

 For the pictures I fun tak'd the prop and pipes on but I'll be keeping them off for painting since they'll be completely different. Metal and such..
 I also added more Dakka.. the planes are broken down into three types but again since I'm not really using this for gaming I figured I was just going to load the thing up with all the Dakka I could. I think that's what an Ork would do right?
 The bombs are Tacked as well.. I'll be painting them up off the flyer..
 I think it looks decent with or without the prop. Looks like an old 50s-60s Jet.

 It's a bit hard to see from the picture but I bored out all of the gun vents to make it as real looking as possible. Was a pain but I think it looks cool you an see through them now ..
I noticed that once I cut the flaps and angled one it impedes the mounting of the bombs. That's annoying haha.. I know they probably didn't make it with someone cutting the flaps free and going like that but it would make the plane uber hard to turn or the bombs would pop off as soon as it did..  We'll .. thinking about it now that's kind of what an Ork would probably build haha...

Next will be some battle damage.. I'm going to scar it up and add some bullet holes. I just want to plan that out so it looks as realistic as possible.

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