Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More Flaps!

 I've been playing around with the Ork flyer and I really want it to look like it's flying like it's suppose to when diving and banking. I also added the prop which I bashed together. As I was looking at it I was up in the air about. it. I think it looks cool but there was something that was off... I think it's that the prop shaft is a bit too spindly.. I'm going to beef it up a little and I think that will balance it out.

 The prop is made out of a Leman Russ track wheel, a pintle mounted stubber, a Deff Kopter blade and a Storm Boyz thruster cap.
 I think it looks awesome from the front. I also like the old school prop plane look way more then a jet look. Gives me more of that WWII vibe..  and just feel it looks cool.
 The hardest part of it so far..  I chopped all the flaps and ailerons. Holy crap was that a lot of cutting. The plane wings are very thick so it takes a ton of work with the Xacto (thankfully no figure damage!). I looked up flaps and how they moved to make sure they are in the correct position.
 The plane will be diving and banking to it's right. So the right wings are up and the left are down..  the tail is also moving to it's right.

I've been working on my painting room layout and redoing all the shelving and desk area. Right now my room is DESTROYED.. you can barely even move around in there. Sadly my foot started acting up again too so it's slowed me down. I'm hoping I can have the room finished up by this weekend. I'm excited to get to painting this thing haha..  I'm thinking about going with the Goff design but also a little like I don't want to paint checks 8) ..  I do think it will look awesome that way though so that is probably the route I'm going to follow.

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