Thursday, August 6, 2015

HO for Hornet

 I started gluing the Hornet's together last night and there are some goods and bads..  They are going together pretty well..  Let me just say the pilot is a TIGHT fit... I mean it only fits in there one way and requires a ton of fishing around for him to sink into the seat the right way. When I glued in the first one I wasn't sure if the canopy would even fit on there!
 I really think the Skimmer is coming out looking cool. Normally I would be using bone somewhere on it but as these are kind of scout tanks I didn't want to go with the brighter bone..  I know the tank isn't stealthy by any means but I just felt like that was the right decision haha..
 I'm need to paint the gems and I'm going paint some purple blends on the Pulse Lasers as well.. some lines or something to keep the feel going and add a little more purple in there. I'm also going to run one more thin coat of white over the lines. But thankfully these are almost there..
Now the bad part..  I had only tested the new skimmer base for the Hornets with the partial build of the tank. But sadly the single magnet base I made for it doesn't have the best purchase. The bottom of the Hornet is rounded and it makes the tank lean. I'm trying to figure out my options for this at the moment but I have to figure some thing out because I'm not happy with it at all..  Looks like I'll be working on that tonight or tomorrow as I want to get on the Laser this weekend some time.

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