Monday, August 10, 2015

NOVA Open > Ups and Downs

 So a lot has gone down in the last week or so for me regarding NOVA and the Trios in general. Originally I was planning to be teamed up with my partners from last year.. the guys from FTGT but they were given invites to play in the Invitational. Sadly with it being so close to Nova I thought for sure I was going to be losing out on playing this year which would been the suck. But it at least happened at a good time because Greg was losing one of his members due to a work obligation and he'd need someone to fill in. "Raises Hand!!" I'm in if you need me ..  so Boom .. I'm now teamed up with Greg and Jason..  There's not much time to get it together but we are getting some stuff together. I designed and cut a quick Team Display. It's almost done !! Not too bad for 4 hours of total work.. design, cutting and assembly. The lights above are just dropped in there to check the look. I'll be diffusing the lights so it's a more even glow. I also have to order some red lights for Greg's Orks.
 With no lights so you can see the symbols a bit better. I forgot to reflect the Eldar and DE images on the clear so I'll be recutting them. You can't really tell other then to me .. but it won't take too long and I'll be cutting a back splash for the vertical section so no biggys.
 Depending on my time I  might try to paint something on the deck to represent each army but that is only if I have a good bit of extra time. Otherwise it will be painted one color and given the nod..
Thankfully I only botched up one piece while cutting and it didn't take me too long to fix the tab and recut. I'm pretty happy with it for the time so far..

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