Monday, August 17, 2015

Don't Jink our Janks...

 18 days to Nova.. I finished up all the jetbikes. Thankfully..  It's nice to have them knocked out and I can move forward with the Riders and other stuff I need to get finished. I keep going back and forth about whether I think I'm good..  It's crazy.
 It will be 2 Farseer's on bike and 2 Warlocks on bike plus the 12 normal Guardian bike riders.
 Here they are broken down into their groups..
 The Seer bikes got a little more detial then the other bikes, I wanted them to stand outl
 The on Squad has a center slash of blue //
 The other squad has a V design,
 I do still need to add some leaves to the bases..
I mentioned I was going to work up a list of what still needs to get done and I really didn't know if I wanted to know. And after writing it up it makes me more nervous haha..

NOVA 2015 To Do List:

Jetbike Riders – 12 x Guardians - 75% done
Jetbike Riders- 2x Farseers - 15% done
Jetbike Riders – 2x Warlocks - 15% done
Warp Spider Exarch – Update or I ordered a new model off eBay and paint a fresh one - 10% done
Warp Spider 8x Base Replacement- 20% done
Fire Dragon 6x Base Replacement - 20% done
Dark Reaper Clean Up - 0% done
Dark Reaper 7x Base Replacement - 20% done
Night Spinner - 60% done

Wave Serpent - 95% done

Vane - Spackle Edge, Touch up paint
Trios Display Board
Cut Backsplash 
Cut Reflected Symbols

When I look at the list it gets me nervous ... hopefully I get everything done to my liking..  It's just getting close to the wire and I have a lot still that I want to knock out. The Jetbike Riders will be the largest thing to get done but I did get them into a good position. Well the Guardians at least.. the Casters not much yet. The tanks are in a good place so I'm not really worried about them. The base replacement will be nice but honestly if it doesn't happen it's no big deal.

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