Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Just another day..

This weekend I also cut a few things for my solo display. Last year I used the snow like flock to fill the space underneath the display (as seen below). But I wasn't truly happy with it, it was just something to fill the space. This year I cut a surround that will go under the display and add a little design to it as well. I forgot to take a pic of it sitting on top sadly but you get the idea. I'm going to stain the birch with a medium brown and stay with a natural look. I was thinking of spraying the runes but I dont want it to grab too much attention, just hide the top of the cabinet.
 I also broke down the other pieces for the display and started to add the texture to them.
 I almost skipped this step honestly. .  it's a huge pain in the ass but I like the weather look the spackle gives the display. This is supposed to have been out in the elements for a long time so it wouldn't be in pristine condition. I was also worried it wouldn't match if I didn't haha..
The spackle is dry and now I'll have to go back and stand down areas to give it the texture I want. Once that's done it should be too much more I need to do for it other than spray it. I will have to blend the lines and make sure they sync up with the old paint job. The back of the top deck is also way heavier then the front so I'll be weighting it a little. I don't want the top deck to flip off and catapult my minis as I move from table to table!

Last night I spent about two hours painting spirit stones..  grrrrr and they aren't even done. I honestly dont know how many I was painting but 3x Hornets and 16x Jetbikes have a good bit and that's not even including on the riders which I haven't even gotten together yet ..  sheesh..  tomorrow I'm going to put together a progress list ..  I should have done that already but I've been slacking ..  8)

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