Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dis Playing

 I worked on the display a bit more, after spacking them I had to prime and get them based out. I glued on the support for the vane after I got it measured and placed but I'll be adding some large magnets to also keep it in place and steady. The display work left really shouldn't be too much. I'll need to match up the new paint to the old but that shouldn't be too bad. Once I get the vane mostly painted I'll be running the lights and wiring the quick releases then I can glue it together patch the glued edge and then repaint again. I'm going to cut a hole through the base so I can run the quick releases. A lot of forethought needs to go into building these and when it has breakdown some it really adds more. Being able to take the center vane out helps a ton when travelling.

 Had to go out on the driveway to prime the large pieces. Primed white and then based with bone,.. next will be airbrush coloring ..
 I stained the drop ins abut I might do another coat as I want it to be a little darker..
And lastly the red lights came in for the Ork section..  Still not diffused but the colors are all in there. This weekend I'll be working on it a little more but it will mostly be cutting the backsplash and some paint now..

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