Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ride Captain Ride..

 Last night I worked more on these guys and the Reapers pretty much done. Honestly I've spent way too much time on the Reapers, I should have just got all new ones and went that route haha.. with them being so old some of the molds must have been blah ..  but anyway.. The Jetbike riders are getting pretty close and I'll be happy to have all these dudes done. It's a ton of work. I'll tell you one thing .. you get you painting money worth at least. I think they are coming along nicely and are pretty much as done as I can get them before putting them on the bikes. Once they are seated I'll be added some details but need to see where the light is going to hit and what squad they will end up in. And arms .. some of them are armless at the moment. Fitting them and gluing the arms to remove again was too much of a pain. So I'll glue them on .. attach their arms and then finish the painting.
 As you can see there are a lot of them. This large group pic was from before I got the bone color done on their shoulders and face mask. I keep thinking I can move on then realize something I don't like and then waste a ton of time fixing it.. grumble..  I'm still going back and forth as to were I am on time .. a week and a day of working time left.. and this weekend I have to go in to work for maintenance. That stinks.
 A little work on the Seers and Locks, I need to get their bags colored and some of the fine details added.
 I sprayed the weapons in their hands.. I was originally thinking of mixing up the colors but then I realized I liked the purple look and it goes with the color scheme so all good.
And the other arms..  whoooo  exciting .. .

NOVA 2015 To Do List:

Jetbike Riders – 12 x Guardians - 90% done
Jetbike Riders- 2x Farseers - 60% done
Jetbike Riders – 2x Warlocks - 60% done
Warp Spider Exarch – 80% done
Warp Spider 8x Base Replacement- 60% done
Fire Dragon 6x Base Replacement - 60% done
Dark Reaper Clean Up - 98% done
Dark Reaper 7x Base Replacement - 100% done
Night Spinner - 80% done

Wave Serpent - 95% done

Vane - Spackle Edge, Touch up paint - 100% done
Trios Display Board
Cut Backsplash - 0%
Cut Reflected Symbols - 0%
Paint - 25% done

I'm making progress but damn it still feels like there is so much to do..  And on this list isn't even stuff for the Painting Comp. I wanted to spend some time cleaning up a few models here and there but I don't think that's going to happen. I wasn't expecting to win anything honestly but I want them to look as good as they can..  you know. .    oh well. We'll see how it goes haha

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