Friday, August 28, 2015

Cuz she's Cold Blooded .. Cold Blooded..

 One more thing completed, I was pretty close before on the Wave Serpent but it needed a few final touches. I made up two sets of ShurCannons for the turret (only needed one set for Nova but don't the road) and wanted to clean up a few sections. I do see one stone I forgot so I will finish that up real quick when doing the Seers but otherwise it's done. I think they look pretty good sitting next to one another.. next week I'll take a full force list for Nova.
 Sadly I forgot to attach the underslung gun on the solo pics haha.. having issues with that but thankfully I did find the one I had misplaced and that's on the Spinner..
 This Serpent has the Warp Hunter back attached as I love the fin look it gave it.
 The Wave Serpents are trimmed with bone .. that's usually have I split up the tanks in my army. The Spinner is green ..  just gives it a way to break it up easily.
 I think it came out pretty good..  there are still things I'm looking at but it's going to have to do...

 I'm pretty close to being done now...
This weekend I need to wrap up the bike riders and swap the bases on the Warp Spiders. I also need to finish the back of the Warp Spider Ex but I'm pretty close ..  I don't feel like I'm being crushed by it at the moment at least ..  well. . until tomorrow haha 8)

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