Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bike Assembly Line

 The bikes are pretty close to being wrapped up. I got most of the controls a good way done. I need to clean up and add some displays to it (stuff on the display I should say). I glued the shells to the body so they are now attached. I need to paint the runes on the shell and the stones plus bone to the vanes but really they are almost there. Of course that isn't counting the riders which I haven't even started on haha
 Another cool part about using magnets is that I can attach all the guns to a piece of sheet metal to clear and keep them together. I have a little bronze I'm going to add and once I have them up on the bikes. Once I get the full look I'll also figure out whether they need at least a stone painted on them. They probably don't but I'll probably do it because I'm nutty..
So I'm making some progress just wish I was a little farther along now. Oh well.. it is what is right? 8)

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