Monday, August 24, 2015

Progress for progress's sake

 Yesterday I worked on getting some of the models I need to get cleaned up and done. I needed to paint up another Dark Reaper for the squad I'm bringing. Normally I just use one of the older ones I have painted up but for Nova I wanted to have them be the same and look uniform. They also needed to be cleaned up. Sadly it took longer then I thought..  a couple of them were painted over 15 years ago. So they needed more love then expected. They are almost done but still need some red work on their guns and gems. I also got all the bases painted (other than the black around the edges which will be last) so I attached them all to the bases.
They are all done and ready for dudes to stand on 8) ... now I need to move over my Fire Dragons and Warp Spiders.
 Speaking of Warp Spiders, I ordered another Warp Spider Exarch to paint up for Nova. The one I painted was also from.. probably also about 15 years ago. It looks ok but not great and I wanted to have it match the WS in the squad. I painted the blades and the spinner. I went with the same colors of the spiders with a little added purples. The back shell will be a blended black to purple and I'll be painting a a spider on the back since all the squad has webs he's the leader the source. As such I think he'd be the spider spreading it's web. I'm happy with it so far but I really need to get moving. A little more then a week now. Crazy..
Here's the old guy 8) .. He's ok just not as detailed as I'd like . ..

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