Thursday, August 27, 2015

Spider to the fly..

 Last night I finished up the Night Spinner and I'm really happy with the final look. I did misplace my TL ShurCat lower turret which has to be around here somewhere but either way..  The green really pops out on the tank and makes have some flashiness to it. Through it's suppose to be hiding in the back so maybe that's not good haha..
 I was rocking and rolling last night and pretty happy with my progress. I have to get all the bike riders done which is going to be the largest amount of work but still .. I'm getting there.
 The final painting always takes me the longest. I find bits I don't like or think need more. I honestly could keep painting this but I really don't have the extra time. It needs to be done.

 The white lines and gems took some time and that was the most but it was the metallics on the control panels and fins and other parts.
 I also painted a bunch on the bottom which I didn't take pics of and thinking about it I really probably didn't need to .. it's not like many people will be seeing that haha... oh well.. maybe it will help with the painting score. I just have to remember to mention that when they ask about other details.

One week from now I'll be at the Trios Event. So I really do have to keep rocking and getting stuff finished up and done.

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