Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Requesting Permission to Land

 I got the display mostly done last night, I had to sand down the vane, prime and then paint it again. It wasn't too bad to match it back up thankfully. I then hit it up with about 5 coats of clear to give it as much protection as I could.
 I'm pretty happy with the added light color, I wasn't sure at first but I also didn't want it to be over blue. I need to sand the center pieces edges as there are a few tight spots. It won't take more then a few minutes.
 This year I added in the purple glow to the vane, the symbol at the top and some runes at the base of the vane.
 I also added the cut throw for the top deck so you can see under the deck. It also really adds some breakup to the top deck.
 On the center main deck section I added more of a raised dias and now it has three circles with designs. I also cut the same logo on this section as the vane. It required me to run another strand of blue lights and I also had to reglue some of the light tie downs. After a year a few had popped free.

The progress of the displays I've made, The first one looked ok but I really wanted to up the game.. so the next year I built the big display. This year I really didn't think I needed to rebuild .. so I just updated some of the parts I thought were still a bit too plain.. anyway... moving on. Two weeks of work left ... then Nova.

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