Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I paint the line..

So many lines.. so much time. I started working on coloring the lines on the Hornets and the Jetbikes. It feels like so much .. I'm not a fan of assembly line style painting but I need to get this done. I start off painting the seams white, then I paint a very thin coat of Aqua and then go back and apply another layer of thinned white.The above pic is pretty close to being done with it's lines. There is still a little clean up but it's close.
 Here's a pic of it with the added aqua before the white blend.
 And here is the first coat of white in the seams. I originally just painted white in the seams and called it a day (my old tanks) but to really make the lines look realistic I wanted them to show variation. Adding in the bits of green really adds more realism to the tank.
Right now I have one Hornet body, the gun covers and the rear wing sections mostly done. I still have to do the other two Hornets and then the jetbikes, Which also includes using thinner on a Qtip to remove any bleed over. That is a pain too but makes it much quicker to paint the lines when I don't have to hold my breathe as I work the tight lines. They are coming along and if I keep making the progress I am I should be good by Nova. I want to have all of these done by the end of the week. At least the Hornets. After I finish the lines I'm just going to concentrate on getting them completely finish and on the shelf. Hopefully this year I can be done a couple of days ahead of Nova so I can get some rest instead of being crushed going into it ..  that would be nice 8)

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