Monday, July 13, 2015

Top Decking..

 This weekend I finally got to work on the top deck for the display board. I wanted to add in some special parts. I added detail into the rear section with the steps, I wanted it to be more like that originally but the way I had made it last year didn't allow me to do it. So with the laser cutting I made what I was originally thinking about ..  I added in a stepped look with runes added to the back.

 I also made cut outs that acrylic will be going on .. this way you'll be able to see under the top deck a little better. I also put some designs on the acrylic to give it some pop and with the Flo Blue it really stands out! I'm very happy with it .. there are still a few things I'll need to figure out but that can be done without too much issue ..
 Nothing is painted at the moment which is obvious but that will be happening soon..
 I set one piece of the vane in there to measure and have a complete look. It should be fitting correctly so I ordered a couple more strands of lights and quick connects so I can still remove the vane when needed. Once they get here I'll start gluing them together and getting ready for paint..
 I also cut the lens for the middle deck with the added symbols and the updated top step. I had to modify the shape slightly but now that section is completely ready to move on! I love the way the lens came out and now stands out when the lights are on or off..
For me design is always a question of how much to add..  it's a balance that really makes something look good. Enough details to attract and keep the eye busy but not so much that it all just jumbles together. I wanted to add more runes in and I think I added enough to give it flavor but not so much to overload it..

Stuff is coming along ..  so ... hopefully should be able to be done when I need to be haha..

Pic of what the Display looked like last year as a reference... and there is a link to the right if interested in a gallery of the work in total..