Monday, July 20, 2015

Flying High..

 Over the past week I've been working on all the bits for the Hornets and Jetbikes. It was a ton of masking and blending they came out looking pretty good. I sprayed blue and then figured I need a little more added so added Purple to some of the bikes. I wanted a little stand out for a few of them like the Locks and Seers. So they started getting a little more love... which then meant more masking..
 For the one squad I went with a V design that blends out more toward the tip of the Jetbike hood. I might add purple to one bike like I did with the other squad but I don't think they really need it. It will come down to how it looks when they are all together.
 The other squad I went with a center line and added purple to one of the bikes to be a group leader. I didn't want them to all have them but figured it would look cool to have a little bit more.
 For the Seer bike the one I gave one a center purple line and the other I added a rear angle. The Lock bikes have the front blue angle. I also blended the wings on the back of the bikes and the engine with a purple glow.
 For the Hornets I added the engine glow and the vents as well. I wanted the glow to leak from them a little as well. The Hornets are honestly almost done. I have to line them which I'm not really looking forward to haha.. it's going to be a lot!  Hornets and bikes.. .

Here is some of the masking that I had to knock out. It was a ton to do .. sooooo much haha..

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