Thursday, July 2, 2015

Crafty bits..

 So I've been trying to knock out some of the new Laser Cutting projects I have been working on. I've been wanting to make up some Eldar terrain for awhile and as I was working on the vane for my displayboard I figured I'd make a little something up. These are just the first cuts but they came out looking pretty cool. I might add in some runes to give it the Eldar look and I might make a few of differing size, maybe even a broken one. I'll be making a few other Eldar building designs to make an actually landscape .. not just a few pieces here and there. I'm looking to head to the shop on Sunday and will be making a few more pieces for the displayboard and a couple of other cuts I've designed up.
 I've also been working on making up Psi tokens. I figured these will be cool to use as reminders that hey this unit has Guide or this unit is Doomed. I'm also working on making up one for all of the Psi powers in game not just the Eldar powers. I also have standard tokens started like Warp Charges, Vehicle Results, Morale..   things like that. I was waiting for my transparent acrylic to come in so I can make a few other looks..
 I also have a little update on the skimmer bases..  I wanted to make a piece that would work on tanks that have already been built. If you still need to build the tank you can just glue them inside and go right to the bottom of the tank but what if the tank is done and painted? Well that is why I made the magnet holding piece. This way you can attach it and glue the magnets in and only require a little painting. No hassle.
So far I'm pretty happy with the pieces, still a bunch more work to do but they at least happy with what I gotz so farz  8)

(*Disclaimer* I've had a good number of people email about items but I'm sorry to say they are not ready for sale as of yet. We are trying to build up a number of offerings before we sell (if we do)).