Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stand Along..

 I got the new stands made up for the Hornets and attached the magnets to the stand and model. I attached the guns to give it more of a look but you can hardly see them since they are just primed and are blending in a bit haha..
 But I think it's nice to see them at least coming together!
 For the Hornets I had to make a bit of a smaller vertical stand since there isn't much contact space and had to go with one magnet. I would have liked to go with two for stability but it's actually pretty good.
Next was to drill out the inside of the bottom section. You have to do this before attaching it together haha.. But I think it will be working awesome. I'm now pretty excited to get these three done. I like the way the Hornets look and I'll be excited to get them on the table painted up this time 8)