Friday, July 24, 2015

Spinning webs..

 Last night I actually got some stuff done. I have been on the mend for what seems like forever and though I'm still a bit busted up I need to get stuff done. Nova is fast approaching and I still have a ton to get done. I already had the new Nightspinner top masked so sprayed that up. I use colors to differentiate which falcon type it is ... The NS was purple but I switched it over to Green since that is the color I used for the Mono guns. The Facon and Hornets will have the purple now (Purple = Pulse Lasers haha). SO .. it's mostly blended out. Add another thing to the while line list (which is now massive)
 The magnets I needed for the Hornet guns came in so I attached them and they are pretty much done magnet wise. They are also on the line list and that needs to get done before I can glue them together.
 They really don't need many things now, not that those things are time consuming. Lining and Stones... the pilot and chair shouldn't take long at all compared to the other two parts haha.
 Lining is the next on the list so I plan to get started on that ASAP. Then the stones..
 The same pretty much goes for the bikes themselves. I haven't worked on the riders at all but the bikes are at least almost done. Lines, Stones, Panels and the seats.. so I'm hoping maybe this weekend I'll be able to get at least a few of them knocked off the list.
This is the large scale stuff I need to get done. The rest will be touch ups of my Aspect Warriors and a few other bits .. Hopefully I can actually stay health and get some stuff done!

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