Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NOVA Charity BBQ and some progress

 It's getting much closer now .. and before NOVA Open there is the NOVA Charity BBQ. Which is less then two weeks away now. I'm going to try to make it but it's going to be tough for me with all the stuff I have going on and a big fact that my army isn't done haha.. I could bring my Malifaux stuff though..  who knows. But it's for a good cause. If you can make it you should 8)..  Link Here  <<<< if you'd like some more info.

Moving on to progress I got the Hornets main area blended. I also added magnets to the chassis and guns. The covers sadly need more thinner magnets. 8( ..   so I'll be ordering them up. but that shouldn't slow me down much. I now have a ton to prime and get black blended and ready for mask.

 Full masked but a little blurry haha..
 In progress of blending. They were pretty close at this point. I think these blends take about 7 different blues.. not counting the mixes I do between them..  if that was counted probably about 12 to 15 colors haha.. maybe it doesn't look like it should take that much and the first three layers aren't even that visible but it does add a depth. I might be going excessive but I don't think that ever hurts 8)
 The Jetbike guns are also almost done. Now I have to mask them off as well and get them cranking along. I really need to get those bad boys rocked out.

I think the Hornets came out looking pretty clean.. I'm going to add in some purple to the vents to keep it inline with the rest of the vehicles. I also need to make the final decision on where to add the bone on to them as well. Then it will be adding in the white lining... so many lines.