Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

 Halloween is here., It's one of my favorites and actually this year I'm glad it's here .. haha.. I've been working on making my Son a plane for his costume .. His favorite color is orange so I went with a look that kind of matched the main plane from Planes..
 It's made mainly of cardboard and cardstock, I had to keep it lite so it was easy for him to move around with and didn't get him too tired.. But it also had to be sturdy,

I rib framed it and then skinned it.. I think the look came out how I wanted it to..  I was working on it and trying to get the skin completely smooth but then I though I don't need to go that far.. He'll probably have it destroyed in short order haha..
 I used some straps that I got at Joann Fabric and had to stand in line for an hour to have it cut .. that was crazy.. I wish I could make it bigger .. mainly the wings and tail section but I had to keep him in mind with weight and making it through doorways and on porches and what not .. 8)The main wings actually fold up (Hellcat style) in case he has any tight areas to navigate ..
A quick picture of him testing the size out and when I was measuring the straps for him.. The kids have a Halloween party today at pre school and then we will be taking them out tonight for their Trick or Treating ..
My daughter wanted to be Elsa from Frozen.. no surprise there I think haha.. here she is testing it out. We'll have to really work on getting that wig to not look crazy like it is right now haha.. Well.. hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!