Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A thing? A thing of theirs? A token?

 A few more prototype pics of some of the stuff I cut. Right now I'm working on a lot of Malifaux stuff because there really isn't a lot out there at the moment. Like the first one here, Sonnia's firewall uses two 50mm tokens to represent it but there isn't anything to really use right now other then a base or a conversion. So I made this up, it's the height of the firewall so you know and figured I'd put on some kind of design to add some flare 8) .. I whipped up a ram skull on fire as I figured that went with his motif.
 For this version it's two bases and the inserts .
 A little detail of the ram and what not...
 I test cut one without the fire design at the top and it's just way too plain.. why would you not want the cool fire haha..
 But I was also thinking some people might not really want the stand up pieces and it might be easier to have two flat tokens that weren't just bases so I made up these. I flipped the cut so we can either offer both or whichever we think looks the coolest. I'll be making up some of the same for Lilith for her Forest Power.
 I also made a few tokens.. the first being Burning Tokens. If you light someone on fire and want to remember he is indeed on fire or to remove the damage at the end of turn here you go. I also added numbers on them so you can keep track of what level of burning is on them.
 I did the same with Poison Tokens but I made a few designs as I wasn't really sure which ones I liked. I think I'll be removing the two X's though and bumping up the size of the number so it's easier to read. I think the XX looks cool but it does eat up some space.
We aren't ready to release all the stuff yet as we aren't at that stage but we'll have Corpse Tokens, Scheme Markers, Scrap Tokens and a ton more. If there isn't something out there I'm trying to design it up.. I'm waiting for Plexi Samples to come in for colors and we'll probably make some up in wood as well in case someone wanted to paint them up.