Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fire it up!... Fire it up!

 I mentioned in a post a week or so ago I've been working on some other projects. One of those projects is starting to laser cut. Sean and I will be starting up a small company to sell some laser cut terrain, bases, tokens, templates and cases. We've been making designs and have moved on to making some of the prototypes. Here are some of first cuts. I started with some fences, I think they came out looking pretty good. They are very straight and I think need a little raggedness to it. I'll add in some knots and a few splits to make it look more old timey ..
 The way I'm making them you can also make split rail fences if you like. I did make some of the supports ragged and mixed them in with straights. I'm going to also make a higher fence section to fully block models for LOS and will make smaller sections as well. These were just the starter prototype test cuts and now I'll finish up the rest of the fence designs now that I know they are coming out correctly.
I also made some bases, I made 30, 40 and 50 mm bases. They are just floor planking but will go along well with some of the Malifaux designs I'm working on. I'll also make some mods to these as well. I'll make some with shorter board sections to show the seams and add in a few more plank details. Hopefully I'll get the time to paint at least one of these up... I'm probably be putting the Latigo Posse on these bases to check the full look with a model on it. Time is going to be sparse for me working on these and my Son's Halloween costume. So posts might be a little more here and there for a little bit .. who knows..   8)