Friday, October 24, 2014

It is timeless .. in death..

 Last night I worked on the Wraithguard a bit more, I was tired of drawing buildings and needed a break. I didn't get too far but did get most of the highlights on the purples done. It was a rougher blend then I'd like and since it's mostly together now I was going to finish the blend by hand.
 I've blended most of the highlights so while it might look like the reflections most of it is now color.
 I haven't wet blended in awhile and didn't want to get too rusty .. I have a weird inner worry everyime I don't do something regularly that I'll lose that ability haha.. I'm mostly crazy I suppose. I also blended the vents on the back to make it look like there is energy/light spilling out. Not too much.. just a smidge.
 I also got the gems started. They need a final tough up and they will be done.. I'm thinking about doing the same thing energy wise as the back vents on the gun. Thinking the barrel tip and there is a section on the clip like piece that I might hit up as well. Something to add a little small detail into.
 I tried to line him up with another one to compare what I did and's pretty hard to tell in the pictures. The light is reflecting and causing roughly the same look.. so on the good part I hit the right areas.. on the downside did I really even need to? 8) .. But that is mainly in the pictures with a direct light above them..  standing in normal like he stands out a good bit ..  he brings his highlights with him 8)..