Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Six Gun

 Need some Ammo? Need those Six Guns fixed? Stop by your local Gunsmith 8) .. Last night I got the first building painted up and put together. I'd have to say I'm pretty happy with the outcome, there are a few things that will need fixing but so far I think it looks pretty good. And the sizing is perfect..
 There is a lot more that goes into making these buildings then I originally thought about. You are basically designing a puzzle and there are a ton of things to consider. What you can fit on a sheet, time to cut a sheet and does it actually fit. Then the complexity of the build and what it will be used for. The more complex the nicer the building will look but the more it will cost and longer it will be to build. It's a very large balancing act.
 The only snafu I really had was when moving the design over from the master file to the cut file I somehow must have stretched(shrank actually) it a bit. When it didn't fit right I was completely confused and went back to the files and noticed that yup..  it was different on the cut sheet. No biggy.. I redid it and now our first building prototype is ready. I painted it pretty quickly but still did a little weathering on it.
 It's pretty easy to do for the old west look.. just paint it a bit then go over some of the areas with sandpaper.. it will give you that worn look. Some of the color will soak into the wood but you will remove enough to give it a distressed look.
 We are looking to offer different level of buildings when we are done. Some people will probably just want table ready buildings to get out there and play. They will want them to be built quick and use them. Some people will be looking for a very nice more detailed building with fine details. This would probably be more of a middle building. I've added some bits but the interior is plain.
 If you've ever built lasercut terrain you've probably noticed that some go quick while others will take a very long time to assemble. This building only took me about 15 mins to glue together which I think is pretty good. If you include painting time I think it took me an hour to get it from pieces to table ready. But I know some people will probably want more detail so we will be making a higher level building that has interior walls and furniture. It will also add other bits to flesh out the builds.
 Stuff like these, well if you are holed up in a building you'd want to board up the windows! I made a few board sections and painted one blue like the walls the other I just painted wood color and gave it a distressed looking. Do you want there to be line of sign through or in a building? Yes / No? it's your choice 8)

 For more details I added on the window frame and sash.. I've also just cut these into the wall so you can use them as a guide for gluing or for the less detailed building your could just go with that.I made shutters should you want that look..
 There are two doors as well.
 I included some models to show scaling and the look of them in the building..
 Teddy's ready for a sneak attack.. beware flying bears..

 Pandora checking it out..
For a more detailed version of the building it will have a back on the top sign to give it a little more snazz. There is still a bunch of work to figure out but I'm pretty happy with what we have so far! There will be multiple signs to choose from so you can stock up on smaller buildings but easily make them into different buildings with just the change of a sign and probably some colors.. 8) I have a couple of new designs in mind already.. now I just need to sit down and draw them up ..