Monday, October 6, 2014

Standing room only!

 Sooooo..  This weekend I got a good deal? Ok let me explain. If you've been reading my blog or at least just clicking on some o da purdy picters you've noticed I've been getting into Malifaux and like all the other plastic crack out there it just sucks you in. I started out looking for something different to paint. I wanted something else other then Sci Fi. I could paint up something Fantasy related but it would just sit there... never to be used. So I start to look at some other games and knew some people that played Malifaux .. after looking at the models I was hooked. I picked up the Sonnia boxset and painted them up... I wasn't even finished them before I had the Lady J set and then a few other things here and there. Then I got the Latigo Posse.. then I wanted something Non guild so I picked up Pandora as I thought her crew looked pretty cool. So I had roughly four crews in various stages of paint and assembly.. plus after Crossroads I've been looking at Molly but her plastics aren't out yet which is a good thing and a bad thing haha.. But moving on with my whole point I had enough crews for the little time I actually have to get out and play but ..  my friend Josh called me up Saturday night and said he picked up a Malifaux collection.. He'd give me first crack at them if I wanted to stop up. So of course I had to go up there haha....

Sooooo.. Now I have a ton of Ten Thunders. Was I planning on picking them up? Probably not, well at least not for awhile haha.. but I do really like some of the models. Josh plays Ten Thunder so that is one of the reasons I haven't really looked at them. We play each other a lot and don't want to 10T vs 10T haha.. but he has been expanding with his crews just as much or more then me .. He gave me a very good deal price wise but now I'll have a ton more guys just chilling on the shelf ha.. I just gave a way a bunch of old models I was never going to touch. Sadly I'm already itching to paint some of these..
 One of the included crews in the set was the McCabe set and everything was there. Not only is he 10T but he's also Guild and I was looking at his crew before. Painting wise at least..
 Jacob Lynch was also in there, he's almost complete but is missing one of the illuminated. No biggy but it is the one I liked the most, the one being consumed by the Darkness. I also got three more Guild Riflemen and old Guild Hounds you can see them peaking in from the back..
The other three crews were The Thunder (Misaki), Masters of the Path (Yan Lo) though the skeletons are in rough shape, Rail Crew (Mei Fang) though sadly Mei Fang is missing 8( but I also have the Archers (in ok shape), The Armour, and Yamiziko. There are also some doubles in there but really it's a lot. I would only need a few more models to have all of the 10T currently out which is cool but damn.. haha..  I now have 10 crews (I forgot I also have the Hired Swords) yikes..  and the sad part is Pandora is finished (not played though)up but now I'm already thinking about what else in here I'm going to mess with..

I will have to remove them from their bases and some of them are a bit rough so I"ll be using some filler to fix them but I have a couple of cool Asian designs I'l like to mess with 8) Money wise .. great deal..  a ton more models asking me to paint them.. bad deal...  but I guess that is the standard deal that any of us face haha..