Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Realspace Rapture..

Last night I wanted to get some painting in, even if it was only about 45 mins. I sat there looking at models.. do I want to paint that? Nope. Don't have the time to get into that. After about 10 mins of rummaging around I settled on messing with a Venom. I picked up some DE from Sean a few months ago with the intention of making up a starter force. Since I've been reading the new book I figured what the hell.. I'll paint this up. They will mainly be an Ally for my Eldar so it will probably be a very small force and I will be going more for a group of pirates look I think.. but I can't say 100%..
 As when I started this I was just thinking I'll paint it up like the standard looking DE vehicles ... some fades and the hard line details but as I started playing around with it became more of a nebula look.  Then I started thinking it would look cool if I played around with it being more of a reflection of what's in space. Maybe what the Flicker field or a version of the Night Shields would looking like.. or maybe just whatever haha..
 I honestly had no vision when painting.. I just kind of went which ever way looked cooler to me.. I wanted to get a run in last night so I only worked a little on it..
 It was a fun short painting session and I think it looks pretty good so far. I was playing with the glow of the engines a bit and I like the bleed over to the deck and if I keep that I'll have it bleed over to the rear wing sections as well. I didn't want to go all in if I didn't like the outcome.
I had stripped down all the guns and vanes that were on it. It was pre build when I got it but I wanted to change it up some. I'm going to paint up the canopy on it and keep the reflection thing going on for that as well. I have a total of three Venoms so they'll be all painted up in the same style ,,  I suppose 8)