Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Prime the Cannons

 I've been working on the Eldar Heavy Support platform hear and there as I paint other things. If I had extra blue in the airbrush I'd pick this up and give it a hit. It's still a far way off but the main work I've put into it is the tip of the barrel. I've been playing around with brush techniques and adding a little flourish here and there instead of working on just smooth blends. I think the barrel tip is looking pretty cool so far..
I added some engine glow to the hover ports and what not.. still needs more blend on the main body of the platform and then I'll line it like my Falcons and Serpents. I don't really plan on using it but I don't have one painted up and I want to have at least one of everything painted up. This will also lead me into getting a good squad of Guardians done up. I don't used them really but the squad I have painted up now look pretty rough as they are older and I just wanted to get them done haha..