Thursday, October 9, 2014

Playing for Blood..

 Progress on the Lilith Crew, I'm hoping to have them done by tomorrow which shouldn't be too much of an issue. I got a ton done last night. I started on Lilth and got a good way through her. I still need to finish blending a lot on her but I at least got past the color basing and started on the blending.
 Just started the cloak before I wrapped it up for the night.. so that needs the most work but also need to cut in her face and leathers.. She is a very cool looking model! She is supposed to be all killer.. though she has a nice little smile haha ...
 Barbaros is pretty much done.. I will hit up his sword a little more and add some gore but otherwise I'm happy with where he is. These are for Chucks Comics and I'm only shooting for Table Quality so they won't have as much blending as normal. They still have a good bit though 8) On a few occasions I've caught myself going father then expected ..

 The Cherub is done .. he's just being glued on at the moment 8) I really wanted to detail those wings more but that really isn't in the time frame so light blending will do.
 And the Tater Tots.. whoops I mean Terror Tots are also pretty much done. I'll be working on the stone under the one guys foot a little more to blend it into the base a bit more. These things are so goofy looking haha..
 "I'm the Best at what I do" .. dude wants to be Wolverine SOOOoooo bad!

 "I swear if you don't talk I'll stab this guy here right in his damn toe!"
"Shit..  I've lost my contact lens! But when I find it we are so going to throw down.." ..

I'll be cleaning up some some areas on them as well as their bases but the crew is coming along as planned. I'm around four hours of actual painting time on these guys so not too shabby. Another hour or so and I should have them done. Tomorrow I'll be going up to Chucks to either show someone how to play or I'll be getting in a game myself.. hey maybe even both 8) .. I haven't had a lot of time to actually play so I'm looking forward to getting in a game. I love painting but I also love to throw some dice .. well in this case flip some cards.