Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Left out in the rain..

 Last night I really didn't know what I felt like working on so I picked up the DC Rhino but also really didn't feel like just painting it. I've been wanting to mess around with some of GW's new technical paints.. mainly Typhus Corrosion and the Rust. Their new paints seem to be useful so wanted to give it a try, now .. normally I'd wait till the tank was complete but last night I really didn't care so much ..
 I've been wanting to add a little something to the front of the Rhino so went with some chain. Figured it would look cool and be something that made sense being there. I guess I should add a trailer hitch now too though 8)
 I measured out a decent bit of chain, wrapped it around the ram prow .. then applied the GW technical paints .. I also used a good bit of MIG as well. The Rhino itself is suppose to be Cerimite but I'd think the other bits wouldn't be so made it look more like the rust was coming from the other areas. Splashing up from tracks or wear the other metals were touching it, before I'm gone I'll be adding some powders as well but I really should just get this tank done..
 Still need to figure out what text I'll be going with for the free hand on top..
There isn't a ton more to do on the tank.. Hopefully I can get it rocked out soon.. it's been hanging around too long haha..