Monday, October 20, 2014

With your tray or on top of it...

 This weekend I worked on some more Lasercutting and I was working on one of the gaming trays. Sean will be using it for Infinity but for me it will be Malifaux. I made a few army trays to test one. One for my Sonnia crew which I have in there now. I have the firewall markers I made in the back to add to the look but I also placed some of the tokens I made in the tray.
 I have the guild scheme markers and the flat firewall tokens in there plus a few decks.
 The divided section is nice to hold some of the items that can easily go missing. Tokens going wild, cards sliding off.. well now they can all stay in one spot with your crew. The sections on the right are an add on that we are making but it's not finished yet.
 Here is a pic of the Neverborn army insert, I had planned to add some more to it but went more for just an anything can go in it. I added all four Malifaix Suits in the corners.
We are still motoring along and hopefully tomorrow I'll have the first building painted up. I was completely surprised at the time it takes to make pretty much anything haha.. you have to have the design correct and then the time to actually cut it. I'm sure as I go further along it will go quicker but so far I always find at least one thing wrong when test fitting 8)