Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lambs to Slaughter ..

 I worked on the remaining Venoms I figured I'll just get them all finished up together..I knocked out most of the armor blends..  I mentioned before that they were going to be similar but have some differences. I just played around with the look a bit and there are still a few areas I want to blend with some random stuffs..
 I haven't painted anything other then the red black blendsso there is still some bleed over on the metal bits..
 I added on the canopies and painted them with the same look, I'll go back with the brush and add some more black and details to the lines on them to make them stand out more.
 I also wanted to change up the guns on the Venom as I don't really dig the over under design when the guns are so small. On a Vyper they have more heft and I think the design it a bit more solid..
So now I'll have the dual Splinter Cannons ready to drop a ton of shots. I will need a few more bits to finish all three but it shouldn't require too much. They are moving along..