Friday, October 3, 2014

Mommy can I go out and....

 October 25th I'll be running a sort of Demo for Malifaux at my LGS. It's going to be very chill and hopefully some people will come in to learn the rules, get in a game or just check out some of the cool miniatures in the range. For this I told Dave and Josh at Chucks Comics I'd paint up a starter crew for them. I grabbed one off the shelf and that happened to be the Neverborn Mother of Monsters crew. I've never played Lilth but she sounds like a solid beat stick melee Leader and that should be a nice entry into the game. Once it's up there people will be able to just drop in and give the game a shot..
 For the bases I went with the GW texture paint .. something quick but will look good. I had to cut a piece of card stock to cover the 50mm slot .. I really don't know what they give those out. None of their plastics have tabs .. but .. moving on.
 Cut and cleaned them ..
 Then moved on to assembly ..  I had to use a little liquid green stuff on Lilith's cloak as it was pulling off the same seam Pandora's did. She is the only one not to move onto paint so she could dry..
 I blended the Terror Tots base color and they are ready for details..  (also sprayed the bases with a raw sienna color .. I didn't want it to be the stock grey and I'll need to hit it with a quick lighter drybrush to finish them up)
 They really shouldn't take too long to wrap up ..

I went with the default colors but did give the Cherub some white wings instead of black.. I  didn't want them to be too too dark haha.. Still figuring out how I'm going to mount him as he's suppose to be flying. I do have some plastic tubes so I guess that might be the winner .

I will be giving them all some details and then move on to getting Lilith all done up .. I'm hoping to have them all knocked out by next week..  we'll see..  but I do have a few weeks .. If you are interested in giving the game a try and live in the area stop on by Chucks Comics. Saturday Oct 25th .. 4pm.. .. Get your Malifaux on..