Monday, November 3, 2014

Rack Um!

 Mo Lasercutness .. This weekend I finally got to cut the first few paint rack prototypes I've been working on. I was originally going to make two different types but after cutting I think it turned into four different types because they all fit different needs and have different styles. The first is about 20" long by 10" Deep and Tall. It holds a ton of paint but it doesn't display them in rows for display. Personally I don't really care, for me I know where my paint is and always just reach for where it sits. The paint can also be sorted into color ranges.. reds in a row, greens in a row. The bottom tray holds 91 Vallejo bottles.. That's a pretty good amount! Plus how many paints do you usually use on a regular basis? For me it's typically the same colors with an odd color mixed in.I put all the ones I use the most on top for quick easy access.
 When I started making it I wasn't sure how much sag I'd have and you can see it a little in the pictures. The inserts are supported in the back and the sides but the middle front will droop a little if a lot of paint is on it. So I wanted to see it before I moved forward with the supports for it. And I have an idea how I will handle it.
 Right now on the sides I have two small supports but I'm going make another outer plate that will glue on covering the slots so you can have a larger image cut into the side if that is wanted. I should have blown the cut dust out of the picture on the side but I forgot haha.. it's a paint splatter with sincain cut into it. There will then be horizontal supports made that will lock into the outer plate and support the front of the shelf.
 The part that makes this a little tougher then normal is that I want this tray to be completely modular. You stop using a type of paint and want to switch out trays no problem.. you get another Rack and want to change up the trays you have and how you organize them? Easy.. I cut a bunch of trays yesterday. One that holds a ton of Vallejo, one that holds less but they are more spread out, one for GW paints, one mix of a bunch and one that is just cut into three sections to place what you want ( I didn't cut them but I also have one for all Golden paints and P3 paints). I can pull the rack apart right now and put a completely different setup in it. But that does make you think more on how you are going to make something when it has to be modular. The front support for instance, I think what I have purposed will work well. But I guess I won't know for sure until I cut some more 8)..
 The next set of racks I made are just one level trays. I started thinking about this when I was airbrushing and getting annoyed that the paint was all over the place and could easily be knocked off the shelf. I wasn't sure if I wanted to mount the bottom flush your make it raised up so there is a gap to the surface it's sitting on. I actually like both and they will both be useful so I set them up and I'm super happy with them.

 The Com Art all in order..
 I setup the Dr PH Martin as well and it works well with the bottom being a little higher. I think I might make it out of clear acrylic and see if the viability works better. I can see all the color tops but as it's higher then eye level it might be nice to see through it. The tops of these are modular as well so I can just swap the top for something else.
A nice and neat airbrush station setup! ..

I'm going to make the modifications to the large rack.
I'm going to start working on a tiered one so you can have them in rows. I know a lot of people want to see them and I understand.
I'm also going to work on making something that can store the single racks. A larger rack that the single trays slide into.

Now I don't know if I really need to make all these but they are something I want to use myself haha.