Monday, July 31, 2017

Building it up..

 This weekend I got pretty much most of the work done I wanted. The second landing platform is now wired up and working. While Scott was working on the wiring I was getting the LEDs attached and painting/weathering the pieces to get them ready.
 Here's a pic of the LED mounts on the main bunker and the road side lights. One side is wired and working but the other side is only attached. I didn't get a chance to take a pic of the actual structure but I got it all glued together as well. I used construction adhesive and wooden pins to hold it together. Even without the bunker and other buildings glued in the structure is very sturdy. I'll be trenching out foam this week so I can get the wires run.
 Here's one of the side bunker buildings. I went with a weathered metal top with a streaked concrete sides. They will get rings around the front to hide the connectors and make them just look over all cleaner (still dirty but cleaner lines haha).
And here are the dice I ordered.. 20 Ivory and 20 Black.. they were made by Chessex and came out looking awesome! It's less then a month to Nova now and I'm getting pretty excited for it. I can't to hang out with peeps and throw some dice...  I've said it before but it's funny that I'll see people that I only see at Nova .. once a year. But it's like no time has passed .. BS about models and games and getting some grub. I'm ready!

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