Monday, July 24, 2017

Rambling along..

 This weekend  I got a lot of work done on the Rhino plus my friend Scott came over and worked on the wiring for the two landing platforms. I should have some pics and maybe videos this week sometime. But ... the Rhino is getting pretty close to done...  I only have a few more layers of grime to apply and the final streaking. Lights and lens also need to be done but that really only takes a few minutes to crank out.
 I'm pretty happy with how the spare tread strap came out.I'm going to done the rust done some but otherwise looking pretty solid. I wasn't expecting it to come along so quickly but that's a big help as I need to dive deep into the display board.
I think the chain also came out looking pretty good.

On another note the Chessex RG dice I ordered came in and they look awesome! This morning I was in a rush and meant to take a picture but forgot.. the pictures above were quick snaps on my phone.

I picked up the wood for the base of the display board so hopefully I can get it cut and start to mount the foam on it so I can give a complete picture of it.. the bones of it are there but I have a bunch of building, painting, plastering and wiring to do. I knew it was going to be big but when I laid everything out on it I was completely surprised with how big it really was .. haha... The Fellblade will be driving out of the main doors and they actually make the tank look small. I think it will look cool though 8)..

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