Wednesday, July 5, 2017


 I've been hitting the table here and there where I could and I think I have the Fellblade pretty much done. I keep going back and forth and whether I should add a dark filter to bring down some of the streaking. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I feel it might be a bit too much and should filter it down. haha.. I'm going to leave it for awhile and then come back for fresh look later. I did start to work on Corax in some detail getting some face and metal work done.
 I added some flair to the guns but when I tried to leave them brighter it just looked off so I tone them down close to the the rest of the tank.
 I think the lens came out looking good.. I added a little targeting cross hair to the lens on the turrets right side.
 I felt the tracks and sides needed a little dust so I added some.. not going too heavy but just a bit to break it up. Weathering is all about layers.. the more colors and materials adds a lot of detail.
 The tanks got a lot of much and soot to bring them down in vibrancy to match the rest of the tank.
 Overall I think it came out looking solid, Sadly the pictures are really making the streaking stand out at certain angles.. I really wouldn't mind to work on it more for a month honestly haha.. but I need to get on to the next bit to keep on schedule. Even though I will come back and add the filter if I think I need it.
 I got some work done on Corax trying to get his face close to being done. Corax is naturally very pale so I tried to keep him tan free.
 I also worked on some of the bone areas to get them looking solid.

As well as the beginning of the metals.. I'll be using an oil wash to get some good black lining but he's moving in the right direction.

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