Friday, July 14, 2017

Quick Drop

 Yesterday I got a lot of work done on the drop pod which is nice .. Still not a favorite of mine.. Well it's an awesome looking model when done and as per a conversation last night on the Hobby Hangout it is a staple of the Marines.. Some of the enamels are still drying from last night but I still have a way to go.
 I need to add some more grim and muck to the landing platforms and I'm going to tone down the glow on the outer section of the harnesses. One of the pains of painting it all in pieces is I wasn't sure how far to go haha. I'll bring them back down a bit and it should be fine.
 On the outsides I started the streaking and chipping. I wanted it to be heavily weathered.. even more then the others as these things come rocketing down from the atmo and slam into the ground. Once the first layer of enamels are dry I'll go back and add a few more plus I need to add the white streaking.
 I'm going to cut a few Raven Guard icons to go on the sides and I'll either cut a XIX symbol or paint it on. The bottom is also going to get some black scorch marks on the bottom of the pod.
As I was working on the pod I also had some extra purple so started on the generators for the display board. Not a lot done on it but something. Hopefully this weekend I can have the pod close to finished up.

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