Monday, July 17, 2017

On Display

 This weekend I got some solid work on the Raven Guard Display Board done. I needed to get this mocked up so I whew how high to make another section of the display. It's still far from done but it's built and mostly figured out. I'll have two of these on the display, one for each flyer. Yes... this display board will be big .. maybe too big haha
 This section of the display board is a landing platform with a hanger style door. If all goes well I'll be lighting up all of the white chevrons on the landing pad. There will also be some lights on the wall section. I think this display board will have about 100 LEDs if I can get it finished.
 One of the secret weapon generators sits on the base..  I'm thinking about getting some of the GW pipelines to add on.. I think it might be a cool addition.
 There's a section under the door that will be added to hold the circuit board that will connect the wires. And sadly it will be a lot of wires. A lot.
 Right now it's just the base colors colors on the platform, it will get a bit more details and a lot more grime.
 I'm pretty happy with it so far..  this week I'm going to cut the other landing pad and get it started.

 The platform has guards for the side but sadly last night I wasn't feeling so good and was rushing to get them built only to realize this morning that I glued the wrong vertical supports on the wrong pieces haha..   When it's time to go to bed ..  just go to bed 8)
 Did the chipping and grime (hard to see in the picture) on the first missile platform. Just needs the gems and missile tips painted. Not too much.
I also added the RG symbols to the pod and added two more layers of grime. I'll be adding some soot streaks to the bottom of the pod and a little more grime to the turbine then calling it done.

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