Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fire it up, fire it up..

 Last night I finished up getting one of the landing pads wired up and working. Which is pretty cool and a relief for what I need to get finished. There is still painting that needs to be done but the wiring for these things has taken a long time. Not a surprise and I can't even tell you how much wire is in this one area. Each landing pad has 25 LEDs. 6 white lights on the top of the door, 1 red and 1 green door switch lights. The landing pad itself has 16 blue lights that light in sequence and the bottom generator has a purple LED to backlight the area. Still working on the sequences so they aren't set in stone. Here are 2 of the videos of the sequence, the LEDs are so intense the phone had issues haha.
Landing Sequence Dark
Landing Sequence Light
Right now I have it running on batteries to see how long they will last. It's looking pretty good so far as it's been running for hours and hasn't dimmed.

 The lights will be running of a Arduino Microprocessor to power them and run the sequences.
 My friend Scott helped out and wired up all of the lights on the Landing Pad which took about 5 hours. Crazy haha .. doesn't seem like it should but doing 2 of them and us testing them it took awhile.
 I then started to wire the wall section for the pad, I'll be tightening and cleaning up the wires before the section gets attached to the full display board. I don't have a pic of the control board I attached everything to and ran the feeds. This whole process took me another 5 hours or so to attach the LEDs and wires .. the second pad is halfway done. Sadly I still need to finish the board, the resisters are attached but I have to connect all the wires.

I also got the second Rhino done. Well 99% complete, I'm going to tone down some of the streaks as they are very strong. Thankfully the oils can still be worked and I'll be adding a little grim to blend them in.
 But I think the tank came out looking good and I like the spare track strap and front chain.

 I had totally forgot this guy had to be finished up. If I have time I'll wrap him up tonight.
 The claws and pistol fades need to be finished out plus the details.

He looks cool by himself but the scale is off to me and he looks so small haha.. so he looks squat.

I'm pretty happy with the progress and if I keep at it I shouldn't have an issue getting done. There are still some large sections of the display board I still need to figure out but I'll figure them out haha..  I hope. Tomorrow it's basically one month to Nova and I'll post up the rough pics of the display board as a whole. I took them last week as right now everything is broken down and base sprayed.

I'll also be taking a group shot of the entire army!.. I'm pretty happy with them and there are a few things I'll be touching up before they roll out but they are as a whole done. If I can get it all done in time I may work on a Knight but I don't see that being a thing but it's still a might haha..  I have some stuff for the Big Blam but a Knight would be a nice add. I just don't want to rush it and not do it justice.

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