Monday, July 10, 2017

Master of Ravens

 I got some work done on Corax this weekend... a little less progress then I'd like but some pretty solid work done. He's getting close to being done. I'm on to the final details now and working my way through areas touching them up.
 The metal areas are getting a little extra pop .. the matte varnish brings the metals down more then I want so I'm going back and hitting the highlights.
 The claws need more love and I'll be smoothing out the blends a bit more. They look ok but aren't as clean as I'd like. The base is coming along pretty nicely so far .. I'm going to add some verdigris to the imperial symbol and a little more dirt but it's mainly done.
 I'm in debate on whether to add his whip to his belt. I really don't like the way it looks and right now I'm leaning more to not using it. It just sits so weirdly on the back of his belt..  it seems like an after thought to me.. like they added it on after the sculpt was done.
 I need to finish up the gem on his shoulder and knee... right now they are just a base color. I added a little purple coloring to his hair and start to define the streaking a little more. I wanted to tone it down from just pure white streaks.
 The wings are also almost done, it's mainly just cleaning up some edges and the white lines. I think the wings really came out looking good.
 They won't get attached till the end and man is the connection point small. I'm a bit worried about transporting him around as I can see his wings getting destroyed. Sadly the area is way too small for magnets so that's not an option. I'm just going to have to be SUPER careful moving his ass around haha.
I did also start the build process on the Drop Pod. And yup..  they still suck as much as I remember. I'm going to paint up most of the pieces separate and then assemble so I can get some more details in there. I really only have a few models to knock out thankfully but then it will be full time on the display board. This weekend past my friend Scott and I were messing around with the Arduino controller I bought to run lights on the board. Thankfully he's good with programming (cuz I'm not!) and we knocked out the commands pretty quick. But now I'm realizing that if I go through with my plans I'll have close to 100 LEDs running on the damn thing haha..  That's a lot of wiring and soldering ..  a lot. The display board is becoming more of a thing then I thought it was going to be haha..

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