Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Triple Play

 I wrapped up the three pieces I've been working on lately.. Which is nice as I really only have 1 Rhino and the display board. So I feel like my progress is on track which is nice haha.. As long as the display board goes well I'll get it all done 8)
 I mucked up the top mech area by the turbine and took the purple OSL back a slight bit. I built it separately so wasn't exactly sure how far to do out. Was a little too far out so cleaned it up a bit. I also added a few scratches to the platforms.
 On the outside I added a good but of soot streaking .. with it ripping through the atmo I figure it would have a solid amount on it ..

 I cleaned up some of the small areas on Corax..  Honestly he needs more work to be high level but as I have other bits to get done so I have to call it and say good enough.
 The missile platform is also done, I have one more and a Sat Comm to get done as well. I broke one out to see how I wanted to paint them. They aren't for the army itself but for the display board..  I also ordered a pipe which should be in next week.
Getting closer to being done.

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