Wednesday, July 12, 2017

To the skies!

 A bit more done on Corax.. He's almost 100%.. I just have a few more details and he'll be all done up. I could go farther but I don't have that time .. if I was going for the pure painting comp I'd be spending a ton more time on him but I think he looks solid.
 I'm pretty happy with how his face came out. I'm debating on adding some very dark brown to his hair to break it up some. Right now I feel like it's a bit to black even adding the purple and white in.
 I think the base also came out looking solid. I added some more rust, grime and a light verdigris on the back.
 Since I'm close to being done I glued on the wings .. I wanted to make sure shadows were all looking right with the wings on and there are a few touch up areas.

 The model really is nice looking..
 While waiting for Corax to dry at times I started working on the Drop Pod and a Missile Platform. I'll be clearing a lot of the parts and then going for some chipping..
 I did put some time in the center console which is almost done.
Now that I have the base done I'll have to start messing around with the hazard stripes...  yeh .. fun .. 8)

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